How Running Saved my Life

I distinctly remember a gym session about ten years ago, almost down to the exact outfit I was wearing. I walked into the gym, a little unsure because a gym was out…

Seven Biblical Secrets for Life After Abuse

There are all forms of abuse in our world today, which millions of people are subjected to every day. While it’s an unfortunate reality, the truth is: You can have a beautiful, abundant life…

Ten Ways to Overcome Bullying in your Mind

  As a kid, I hated walking down one hallway at school because I feared two mischievous seventh-grade boys. These boys had me so convinced their words were true. When a guidance…

Opinion: Poverty Does Not Have to Limit your Dreams

If you’ve ever seen the film The Pursuit of Happyness, you will have received a classic image of what would be considered the perfect American dream becoming reality. I think it would…


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