A Still, Small Voice

A GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) is a very handy item in today’s world. As we drive, it is quite useful in helping us get to the exact location that we need to be at. Nowadays, we use it on a regular basis. As we depend on the robotic voice that tells us where to go, we can simply relax and enjoy the trip. We have faith that the GPS will not lead us astray.

This reminds me of another and greater GPS that we have in life and if we listen, we too will hear a voice directing us where to go. We refer to this as the God’s Positioning System. (GPS)

God is your GPS for life. When we spend time with Him we can most assuredly depend on Him to guide us as we go about our lives.

Do you study God’s Word in the morning? Do you pray and hear His voice?

Let me share a story with you. During World War Two, a man by the name of Chitto Ranjon Bol was having morning meditation and prayer in his home in Bangladesh when he heard a voice telling him to go to the south.

So he put his daughter, Moni on his shoulder and started walking toward the south. He crossed the canal and next the wooden bridge before the Thanapara Swallows in Gopalgonj, Bangladesh. He paused for a while and then the voice spoke to him again:        “Go further to the south near the Gopalganj Christian Para.” So Chitto Ranjon continued walking.

After some time, he stopped by a house. This is when he heard people crying and praying, “Lord, please do something for us. Send food as you had given to Elijah or our children will starve to death.”  Chitto Ranjon knocked at the door and as someone opened the door, Chitto Ranjon offered them money to buy food. This family thanked God in tears for sending Chitta Ranjon on time to provide food for the family and children.

 “Every sincere prayer is heard in heaven. It may not be fluently expressed; but if the heart is in it, it will ascent to the sanctuary where Jesus ministers.”  Lift Him Up, p. 190

*As told to Bryon Bol. Bryon is retired and living in Oshawa, Ontario


Copyright: dchulov / 123RF Stock Photo

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