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Speak The Words Communications is a faith-based media and communications platform that focuses specifically on sharing stories of diversity from within the community and worldwide, with a most special interest in reporting on mental health, abuse and poverty.

The real issues of our time confront us on a daily basis. As we witness them, we may be tempted to think that God has forgotten us. Our media aims to communicate a grand message. In the trenches of poverty, abuse, addictions, mental illness & overwhelming disaster, God advocates for us.

As a communications group, we aspire to serve our clients by helping them tap into the power of storytelling to achieve outstanding results in their own organizations. We also offer communication resources and training tools for churches, in addition to storytelling workshops for individuals within the community.

Meet the Storytellers:

Alexandra Chelse is the lead storyteller and content manager of Speak the Words Communications. Growing up as a child in eastern Canada, she remembers sneaking into her father’s library to read the many biographies and memoirs that lined his shelf. Now as a young adult, she has a bookshelf of her very own —full access granted — complete with an ever-growing collection that she is afraid will one day topple off the shelves. In 2012, Alexandra graduated with a degree in journalism. A natural-born storyteller, Alexandra has an inner desire to use her words for a greater cause. She truly believes in the art of storytelling and hopes to be able to use her media background to promote the good news and to point others to the greatest storyteller there is: Jesus Christ. Currently, she specializes as a freelance writer, with a specific interest in writing about diversity issues, including matters of faith, mental health, poverty, and cultural identity.


Isabel Ong is a writer, wanderlust-er and worshipper of Jesus. Born and raised in Singapore, a bustling island-city in Southeast Asia, she grew up burying her nose in books wherever she went and filled countless notebooks with elaborate tales that her overactive imagination conjured up. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in English, she went on to work in lifestyle publications and wrote on topics such as fashion, beauty, and travel. In 2017, she moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, where she currently works as a freelance writer while her husband pursues a Master of Divinity at Regent College. In beautiful BC, Isabel has found a renewed sense of purpose in her writing. Her blog,, features interviews with inspiring women of faith, Christian books that have made a huge impact on her, and inspiring Christian Instagram accounts to follow. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram or by email.

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