Witness. Speak. Transform

Speak The Words is a faith-based media platform that focuses specifically on social issues within our communities as well as on a global scale. It will demonstrate clearly how faith and justice can often intersect.

The real issues of our time confront us on a daily basis. As we witness them, we may be tempted to think that God has forgotten us. Our media aims to communicate a grand message. In the trenches of poverty, abuse, mental illness & overwhelming disaster, God advocates for us.

Meet Alexandra:


Alexandra Chelse has always been a lover of stories. Growing up as a child in eastern Canada, she remembers sneaking into her father’s library to read the many biographies and memoirs that lined his shelf. Now as a young adult, she has a bookshelf of her very own —full access granted — complete with a ever-growing collection that she is afraid will one day topple off the shelves.

In 2012, Alexandra graduated with a degree in journalism. Since then, she has been further compelled to use her love for words for a greater cause. She truly believes in the art of storytelling and hopes to be able to use her media background to promote the good news and to point others to the greatest storyteller there is: Jesus Christ.

Over the past few years, she has been overseas three times and cannot deny the deep impression these trips have left upon her heart. Now, she makes it her daily vow to seek to live up to the meaning of her name, which she discovered means: “Defender of Mankind.” She hopes to do this, by using her life to point people to the Creator God, thus helping them recognizing their intrinsic value and worth. She aspires to use this medium to communicate the gospel message (“The Greatest Story Ever Told”) all over the world.

This is the motivation behind why this ministry began in May of 2015 and the vision has only expanded with time. In experiencing God’s faithfulness, she has personally found that she cannot help but “speak what [she] has seen and heard.” (Acts 5:20)

Currently, she specializes as an freelance writer, with a specific interest in writing about faith, mental health issues, poverty, and culture identity. Download our media kit.