LaTonya Smiley
LaTonya Smiley

LaTonya Smiley is a motivational speaker and advocate of child sexual abuse. Through her organization: Eve's Roses, she mentors individuals who are recovering from abuse. LaTonya is an expert not only in the areas of what it takes to overcome but she is in a lane of her own when it comes to her teachings of forgiveness after trauma and helping others to focus on the recovery that comes with the help of Jesus Christ. LaTonya has received numerous awards from several organizations such as the Storm Rider Award from the Economic Opportunity Commission of Hempstead and has been nominated for the Humanitarian award from the Eastern Region International Association of Ministers, Wives and Widows. She has also been interviewed on several radio shows and featured on many blogs.

A Letter to My Abuser

Dad, I thought about you today. There were so many things left unsaid before you…

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