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  1. With you place an order with us you agree to make the full payment as indicated above. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.
  2. We will be in touch no later than 1-2 days upon receipt of your advertising request. Once you hear from us, we will then require you to submit all completed materials for the advertisement to no later than the deadline specified on invoice.
  3. We have the right to reject, cancel or require any advertisement to be amended that is unsuitable or contrary to the terms. We may also refuse to publish any advertisement for which any advertiser has not submitted payment for.
  4. We cannot publish advertisements that contain offensive language or images that we deem in any way inappropriate or harmful to our reputation.
  5. The submission of this form does not guarantee your spot, rather the receipt of appropriate payment does. All advertisements are accepted on this basis.
  6. We reserve the right to change our rates at any time and the modified rates will appear on this form in addition to our advertising sheet. Any changes to the rates will take effect immediately, unless advertisement(s) were booked prior to the rate change.
  7. We cannot guarantee the number of impressions, but we will monitor this information for the advertiser’s benefit.
  8. Thank you for your business! We look forward to working with you.