“The Joy of the Lord is my strength.” (Nehemiah 8:10)

The battles I have faced over the years, have taught me many hard but wonderful lessons. I have learned that hope still blooms in adversity. This remains true no matter how low you have sunk, and no matter how many bruises you’ve suffered. In such moments, I have learned that it is the Lord that gives me the strength to keep moving ahead. He alone remains faithful and keeps me forever singing a song of joy in my heart.

While we tend to often think happiness and joy are synonymous, they are not. Happiness is driven at times by a desire to please ourselves. Most times this results in us chasing after temporal things in the desire to do so. But joy… is lasting. Joy is not based on a feeling, and it’s something I have to deliberately choose daily, regardless of what my present circumstances may tell me.

Joy in the midst of pain…This is a message that we have seen through our own personal experience and which has translated into this ministry. We know it is only by the Lord’s grace that our ministry has even flourished with a vision that is grown bigger than we even comprehend.

We have a strong desire to be used as a vessel to “speak a word to one who is weary” (Isaiah 50:4). We aim to do this by writing to reach out to those with various needs, whether that is to learn how to live again after a period of abuse, or whether it is needing to recover from a life of addictions or mental illness.We also strive to help equip the church to better respond to those who fit any of the above categories. This means that any media we produce (articles, videos, resources) will largely cater to this overall theme, by the grace of God.

But the reality is, these things take money. In addition to the website maintenance fees, media equipment and editorial assistance, we have also been receiving requests from people in need of financial help.

With your contribution, we can work to make sure our vision is realized. This can happen not only with the words we share on this online platform but can also take place in our own communities, one step at a time.

When you send us a donation ranging from $15-25, you’ll receive a special thank you letter from us along with one of our custom-made notebooks. Thanks in advance for your dedication to this ministry and to the advancement of the Kingdom message in our world today.

With a joyful heart,
Founder/Lead Storyteller, Speak The Words Communications