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Children/Youth Storytelling Workshops

Animated Kids Reading Books

As part of our mission to promote the art of storytelling in our community, we will be hosting storytelling workshops for children and youth. By hosting this program, we hope to instill in children a love of storytelling and especially help them further develop their inner voice and embrace their God-given identities.

The program will feature:

  • Live readings from guest facilitators and authors.
  • Ongoing mentoring support for children who participate.
  • Access to educational resources and counselling help for parents/caregivers of a child who has experienced past trauma and/or mental crises.
  • Exploration of creative expressions of storytelling which will include: Writing, poetry, music, art and drama.
  • Interactive games and activities and the opportunity for children to receive prizes and giveaways.

We need support in the following areas:

  • Children’s Books: For kids between the ages of 5 – 12.
  • Snack Items: Contact us to inquire about what we can accept.
  • Equipment/Supplies: Projector, notebooks, stationary/activity materials.
  • Childcare Educators and mental health professionals willing to volunteer their time and resources.
  • Monetary donations: To go towards the renting of the space, refreshments, transportation, staff support, marketing…)

For more information about any of our upcoming events, please reach out to: Alexandra,

We have a strong desire to be used as a vessel to “speak a word to one who is weary” (Isaiah 50:4). We aim to do this by writing to reach out to those with various needs, whether that is to learn how to live again after a period of abuse, or whether it is needing to recover from a life of addictions or mental battle. We also strive to help equip the church to better respond to those who fit any of the above categories. This means that any media we produce (articles, videos, resources) will largely cater to this overall theme.

But the reality is, these things take money. In addition to the website maintenance fees, media equipment and editorial assistance, we are also seeking to expand our community outreach projects.

With your contribution, we can work to make sure our vision is realized. This can happen not only with the words we share on this online platform but can also take place in our own communities, one step at a time.

When you send us a donation ranging from $20-45, you’ll receive a special thank you letter from us along with one of our custom gift packages. (For those who donate over $50, we’ll send you one of our featured notebooks, and your choice of any item from our gift list. We’ll also send a quick shout-out to our social media followers expressing our thanks for your donation.) No matter the size of the donation, you will receive frequent updates on our latest projects which will inform you on how your donation is being used.

Thanks in advance for your dedication to our worthy cause.

With His Heart, 
Founder/Lead Storyteller, Speak The Words Communications

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