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I had the privilege – and I mean that — of growing up in a Christian home. My parents taught me moral values. I grew up in the church, and I always knew of Jesus’ love.

At one point in my life, I did have a bit of a rough and “rebellious” patch, and I ended up going against these very same values that I was taught. Still, I had always considered myself to be a Christian since I was a child.

Most recently, I have started thinking: Have I been taking this for granted? Think about it. There are people on this earth that are being killed right now, simply for their faith in Jesus. As I write this, they are being persecuted, while I am here in Canada living a relatively easy life. There are people in our world today that are searching and digging for the truth. Yet, here I have had the truth handed down     to me.

In church one Sabbath, my pastor said something that I am sure may have been uncomfortable for a lot of people to hear. He said: “Every night I pray for persecution to come.” He elaborated further by saying that he does not believe that we will truly grow and stand firm for Jesus, until times get hard. This is true. If you go a bit deeper into this, you will find that the Church is growing the fastest in places where Christianity is looked down upon and the followers of Christ persecuted.

I recently had the opportunity to get to know a girl and her twin sister a little better. She has shared   with me her story about her very real search for God; she has personally seen and felt the reality of God’s presence in her life.

But this reality hasn’t been easy. Her parents practice Hinduism and are very much against Christianity. She told me that once her mother caught her reading her Bible. When she did, she became so angry that she swore at her.

However, when I invited my friend to church and offered her a ride, she became so excited.  She was yearning for truth, despite the opposition she had been faced with. It was so wonderful to see such rich enthusiasm for the Lord.

There are people who are hungering for the Word of God and also praying for an opportunity to meet Truth face-to-face. We must do our part to share the gospel message with others.

Maybe you’ve been handed down Christianity, which is awesome! However, no matter what your experience has been, we all must individually enter into a personal relationship with Christ. We need to demonstrate a fiery faith that does not quiet down, even when the flames threaten to engulf us. Our faith is strengthened when it is tested.

You see, there are people who don’t and won’t ever take their faith for granted. Neither should we.  Never take lightly the values you hold dear, because there are people who have and will have to really work hard and search for Truth.

So with this, comes a solemn responsibility for us as Christians. We must not be afraid to speak out for Christ. Share His great news with those around you that are desperately seeking Him! Believe me; you won’t ever regret that you did.

Written by: Michelle Solheiro

Michelle Solheiro


 Michelle enjoys cooking, writing cards, and spending time with friends as well as making new friends. She is currently a nursing student, as well as a local entrepreneur working on leadership development. She has a love for serving and plans to devote her life to helping others.


Glory Be To God

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Michelle Solheiro
Michelle Solheiro

Michelle has been recently married to an amazing man. Together, they love to serve and have a common vision to use their God-given potential to be the best they can be. Michelle has a passion to make a big impact in her lifetime through service, but also desires to enjoy doing it. Currently, she works in home-care, and is pursuing her dreams to work with some local entrepreneurs in the Edmonton area.

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