From Mohammad to Christ: Janet’s Story

My story begins here. I was raised in a Muslim family. I have five siblings, and was born with the given name: Rukea Osei Kofi, but have since changed it to Janet Osei Ndawuni. I worshipped Mohammad for about 12 years, before I converted to Christianity.

On one Saturday afternoon in August 2009, when I was walking the streets of my village of Daudakrom, I met a few Seventh-day Adventist laymen distributing literature and they gave me two of their books entitled: Ten Commandments Twice Removed and Steps to Christ. At first, I refused to take them, but later, upon a sudden impression (which I now believe was from the Holy Spirit), I accepted both books.

I hid the books from my parents, because I knew that if they were to find out, they would interrogate me, and then I would be subsequently punished.

It was from intensely studying these two books that I began to start questioning many things about my faith. I learned that salvation can only be attained through Jesus Christ, and that Saturday is the Sabbath day. If that is so, I began to ponder. Why do we believe in Mohammad? Why do so many different denominations worship on Sunday instead of Saturday? The more questions that came to my mind, the more I decided to go to someone with my questions. I went to the man who gave me the books and pounded him with numerous spiritual questions, to which he patiently provided me with explanations straight from the Bible. After he presented me with texts from the Bible*, I became convinced that Saturday was the Sabbath and that Jesus Christ is the only Saviour of the world.

After that, it didn’t take long for me to make the decision to become a Seventh-day Adventist. Yet, it is not so easy for a Muslim child to become a Christian. I had no doubt that I would experience a lot of threats and intimidation because of my decision, but I also had the confidence that no matter what would come my way, I would be bold and stand for Christ.

Eager to attend the local Adventist church in my village, I requested that one of my Adventist friends come to my house and ask my parents to allow me to accompany her to her church on the upcoming 13th Sabbath. My parents approved her request, and so I went with her to church. That Sabbath, I was deeply moved by the message I heard. In fact I was so touched by the sermon that when the preacher made the final appeal, I raised my hand. I desired to be a Seventh-day Adventist. Upon making that proclamation, I also entreated the church to pray for me, as I knew it would not be easy for me to go home. That Sabbath, I stayed at the church until 6 p.m., until the church activities were finished for the day. I somewhat dreaded going home to tell my parents of my newfound faith in Christ, but I knew that I had to. However, I ended up not getting the chance to tell them. Word travelled fast in my village, and by the time I reached home, the news of my baptism had already reached my parents. They had been waiting to punish me.

Janet When I reached home, my elderly siblings started shouting: “She is here! The Adventist girl is here!” When my parents heard that, they came outside with my luggage. They had packed all my things. They threatened to kick me out of the house if I did not retract my decision to be an Adventist, but I told them no. I was going to remain a Christian. This made them even angrier, and they drove me from their house. I was twelve years old at that time.

Unfortunately, I received a lot of threats from my family, but by God’s grace, I was able to stand. I am no longer living with my parents, but am currently living with a church elder, who has graciously let me into his home.

I do not become overly worried about my family’s response to my decision. Instead, what fills my mind is thoughts of how we will be able to spread the truth-filled literature around, so that more people can come to a full knowledge and understanding of Christ Jesus and His saving love.

There are a lot of people here who are far from the truth, but they can read. I plan to bring these perishing souls to Christ through Spirit-filled literature, so that they will be able to receive these precious truths.

Through our ministry here, many people have come to know Christ. In the village of Awewoho, there were 60 people baptized. In Asufufuo, there were 44 people baptized. We have been actively holding evangelism programs in many villages here in Ghana.

It is through the dissemination of our literature that goes both near and far, that seeds have been planted in many different places, to which I cannot trace. By the grace of God, I know that He will use the literature to make an impression on these people’s hearts, as He did mine. My deepest desire is that my family may also come to accept the truth, so that their lives can be forever changed. Please keep them in your prayers.

I met Janet when my father and I decided to make the trip down to the Akrodie/Goaso area to visit Elder Frank and Janet. I was instantly struck by Janet’s pure, gentle spirit. She was quite the loving hostess. Her very presence radiated Christ’s love. I was fortunate to have met her, and was blessed to hear her story. Since this article was written, I have heard from Janet about reports from the camp meeting in her village. About 2000 people attended, and in the end, 96 people were baptized. A large number of these people were former Muslims, who converted to Christianity. Janet currently attends the Mim Senior High school in the Brong-Ahafo region. She hopes to study to either become a teacher or a nurse.

 *Genesis 2:1-3, Exodus 20:8, Leviticus 23:3,15,32, James 2:10-12, Ezekiel 20:12,20, Acts 16:13, John 17:3, John 3:16

Photos courtesy of Janet Osei


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