How to be Approachable

As believers, we need to be comfortable approaching others who come into our churches. Once we have mastered the principles to approaching on our own turf, we can then transfer those same principles and apply them into the public setting.

One of the first things people do when they step foot into a church for the first time is evaluate it and subsequently draw a conclusion about the atmosphere. In order to make sure their conclusion is positive, you as a member of the church need to ensure that people see and experience the love of Christ.

Some of the actions that will help to cultivate a positive atmosphere is taking an interest in people and listening for deeper needs. But before any of this can happen, you first must approach the newcomer by greeting them. Now, this may be hard to do when you are shy and/or introverted but in this exclusive article, we’ll share some strategies that could help.

Written by: Fiana, The Shy Advocate/Psychoeducational Consultant

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