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Mikayla is a multi-passionate communications expert who immerses herself daily in the digital media world.  She currently serves as Communications Coordinator for International Justice Mission Canada, a global organization that protects the poor from violence in the developing world.  When she’s not at IJM, you can find her working on her wellness blog, playing guitar, or doing Insanity workouts. 


How did you first become involved with International Justice Mission?
Well, my story isn’t very dramatic, but it was providential. I was moving to London, Ontario, which is where the head office of International Justice Mission (IJM) Canada is located. I was looking for full-time work, and I was at a point in my life where I was feeling a little bit frustrated by my options. I made a firm decision not to settle for just anything. I said, if I am going to move here and try to find a job, it needs to be meaningful; it needs to be a perfect fit for me.

Throughout the upcoming months, I was checking my email regularly for job alerts. I even applied to a few places that would have been just okay, but I knew that I wouldn’t truly have been fulfilled. And then one day in my search, I saw there was only one open job (it had been a few weeks) for an organization called International Justice Mission Canada, and I thought: “That’s interesting. What’s this?”

So I did some research. I had no idea who they were or what they did or even that something like that even existed in Canada. But after doing some reading on the position and the organization, I was convinced that it was a stroke of Divine genius. That led me to intersect with IJM Canada at the exact right time in the exact right place.

I almost didn’t even apply but when I got to the interview and they explained how they came to need somebody for my position, it was just perfect. What made it such a good fit was the combination of work that was meaningful for me, my desire to make a difference and also the opportunity to be in a place where I could grow spiritually as well. They needed someone who had the exact expertise that I had and it meshed really well. I almost didn’t apply because I thought it was too good to be true. I’m really grateful.

What was your motivation to want to work with an organization such as IJM at that time?
It’s not that all the jobs I had had before weren’t interesting or meaningful in some way, it’s more so because I had a deep desire to make a difference in something that I thought was really urgent.

I didn’t think that I would have an opportunity to do that without leaving the country or that I could do it with my current skillset and background. I thought I would have to volunteer or do something that wasn’t related to my education. I didn’t know that doing this type of work existed as a career for me and I didn’t think it was something that I could marry with my professional life. You think you have your corporate life, and then in your personal time, you volunteer and you do good for the cause. I didn’t imagine that this could be a possibility for me, especially so early on in my career.

You’ve been with IJM for a little over a year now. What impressions have been laid on your heart since delving into this work of such an idealistic nature?
There are a lot of problems in the world that need solving


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Speak the Words Communications is a faith-based media and communications platform with a desire to tell stories with purpose. Our aim is to inform, equip and inspire through our media.

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