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Elicia Christofferson is a passionate follower of Jesus serving at Gospel for Asia in Wills Point, Texas. She is a content manager and web developer, and the favourite part of her job is telling stories of life change. A photographer in film and digital, she also enjoys travel, trying new food and drinking many cups of tea and coffee each day.

How did you first become involved with Gospel for Asia?

I grew up in a Christian family. My parents had a big heart for missions from my childhood and that was something they sought to instil in us.

Near the end of high school, I was seeking to do what I wanted to and the Lord had to turn that around. I ended up participating in Gospel for Asia’s (GFA) discipleship program for two years. From this experience, I was able to build a rich foundation. Being a part of the GFA community has led me to have a love and desire to live my whole life for the Lord, however, He calls me.

In time, it was clear that He was calling me to share in this vision of GFA, so He opened the door for me to work with GFA. God had given me His burden for the lost who had not heard the gospel; this was placed in my own heart. Under divine influence, I was able to come to a place where I was saying, “Lord I want to do whatever you are calling me to do. I want to be the most effective I can in serving Jesus Christ.”

Then He also gave me this burden to help bring God’s love to people who haven’t heard it before and who also have very little access to ever hear it. And one of those places in the world is Asia. Of all the unreached people groups in the world, many of them are in an area called the 10/40 window which is a band that stretches from North Africa to East Asia. A huge amount of the world’s population is concentrated here, including India and China. It is also a part where it is very difficult to do missions and is in a sense, closed to the gospel.

But just because we have challenges, it doesn’t mean that we back down and this does not mean that these people won’t have access to the gospel. They should have as much of an opportunity to hear the gospel, to know about Jesus and to have a chance to choose Him and find salvation.

What made you want to become involved in that time?

Over the years, I have developed a love for photography which led to an interest in story-telling as well.

While I was still in school, I wanted to be able to use the skills and talents that the Lord had given to me. But I had to learn to graciously surrender my plans and dreams over to the Lord. That included handing my camera over to Him and just saying, “Thank you, Lord, for giving me this gift, but I want to serve you however you call me. If that means picking up my camera, then that’s what I will do. But if you are calling me to serve any other way, then I want to be willing to do whatever that is.”

I have been serving in web communications during my time with GFA so far. And because I am a part of this mission, I am able to use words, photos and videos to better share stories with the world. This has been such an incredible joy.

Now that you’re working for Gospel for Asia, how have you seen God use your skills or gifts for His glory both in and outside of the workplace?

After I had to surrender my camera to the Lord, it came upon my heart how my photo taking could be used as a service to the Lord and other people. There have been a lot of opportunities at my church here, whether it is just to take photos for a small wedding, an Easter service, or just photos for the church website.

One fun project

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  1. Never heard of this ministry but sounds very interesting. Also, I just love how God uses so many of His children outside of the “normal” church!

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