Interview: A Portrait of Compassion

Jacquie Parella is the Internet Marketing and Communications Manager for Compassion International. She co-manages the Compassion Bloggers Network with Bri McKoy. A stereotypical marketer, Jacquie can often be found working in coffee shops all across the state of Colorado where she lives.

How did you first begin working with Compassion International?

I was working as director of communications for a rather small ministry when I felt that it was time for a change. So I spent some time fasting and praying and just crying out to God for direction. But I didn’t hear anything right away. Still, I knew I had to trust God and that He would show me what to do.

And He did. Not long after I attended a church prayer session, I get an email from Compassion International asking me if I wanted to come on board as a social media contractor. Within a week, they had hired me. I was in that work for almost three years, before I was hired in the acquisitions role that I am in now, where I help get sponsorships for children.

It’s been all about communications the entire time I have been with Compassion, primarily with social media. I write copy and work with the Blogger Network as well as with advertising. And then I also communicate within the ministry about what my team is doing, as well as collaborate with other teams.

A large part of what you do leans more towards online messaging. How do you prepare such messages for online audiences?

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