Personal Story: Pressing Forward in Faith

Written by: Jonthue Michel 

Growing up, the people I encountered frequently considered those of us who have overtly shy qualities to be cowardly, weak and, at times, even uninteresting and incompetent. In my former church, there were times when I was required to be at the front alongside other highly gifted members to present the day’s special music. Yet, most times, because of my reserved nature, I would either position myself behind another singer so as not be seen or I would sing so quietly, so I would avoid being heard.

Over the years, my shyness would manifest itself in various forms. Coupled with my introversion and social anxiety, I would sometimes distance myself from loved ones and even find myself withdrawing from church fellowships.

While I have now come to embrace and appreciate my introverted self, I have recognized the areas in my life where shyness has often held me back from pursuing God-given dreams. One of the ways I have sought to overcome this is by becoming involved in ministry activities that call me out of my comfort zone

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