We’ve compiled a list of resources for you if are currently dealing with a mental crisis or know a loved one who is. There are also resources here for those who may have or are currently suffering from some other trauma as a result of abuse and/or addictions.

If you are in need of support for any of these things, the below list may prove helpful. Despite our best efforts in thoroughly reviewing this list, please keep in mind that we cannot be held responsible and/or liable for the content you will find.

Know of a service or resource that we can add to the list? Please email us with your request.  


Depression: Looking up from the Stubborn Darkness 

Depression: The Way Out   

Steps to Christ: Recovery Edition   

Five Keys to Dealing with Depression 

Bipolar Disorder: Understanding and Help for Extreme Mood Swings

Overcoming Depression

The Freedom from Depression Workbook

Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission

Grace for the Afflicted

Suicide: Understanding and Intervening

Hope in God: Depression, A Biblical Perspective for Understanding, Overcoming and Preventing

Overcoming Anxiety and Depression: Practical Tools to Help you Deal with Negative Emotions


“The Twelve Steps of Recovery.”

“Mental Illness and Faith-Based Counseling.”

“What is Depression?”

“The Symptoms of Depression.”

“Take Care of Yourself.” 

“Depression (major depressive disorder).”


“How Faith Helps Depression.” 

“Depression Causes.”

“Why am I SAD? A Guide to Seasonal Affective Disorder”

Recovery Programs

10-day Residential Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program.

Wildwood Depression Recovery Program.

The Center: A Place of Hope Depression Treatment. 

Sunnybrook Depression Care. 

The Bridge to Recovery Depression Program. 

Faith-Based Counsellors

Before any earthly counsellor is consulted, our firm belief is that we should first confide in the Almighty Counsellor, whose wisdom surpasses that of any human being. (Isaiah 9:6, John 14:6-7, 2 Corinthians 1:3-4).

Though, we also recognize that God can and does speak through faith-based professionals, whom He places in their respective positions to offer guidance and support to people dealing with various issues. The list below includes some knowledgeable in their field of interest. For this particular section, we prefer to recommend faith-based services. However, in a crisis situation, immediate intervention is extremely important.


Aset Group Consulting and Counselling Services offers counselling and psychotherapy services to children, youth, families, couples and adults:

A1 Counselling Centre is fully committed to offering high-quality psychotherapy, counselling and anger management for individuals, couples and families. Serving the Greater Toronto Area since 2008, A1 Counselling provides a safe and supportive environment for the exploration of a broad range of life’s issues and challenges – emotional, interpersonal and developmental.

Positive Circles specializes in professional counselling and support services for the whole family. As parents, youth mentors, social workers, educators and professional mental health clinicians, they have a deep and practical view of the challenges some people are facing in their professional and personal life.

Shalem Mental Health Network is a faith-based, Ontario-wide network that provides responsive and preventive mental health support to individuals, families and communities. Their support services seek to restore hope.

United States:

Life can present many complicated moments, such as conflict with a partner, the onset of depression, or a sudden life shift. DeAne Matthew and her staff provides mental health counseling services to individuals, couples & families in Orange & Seminole county and work together to create a individualized plan of action based upon your personal history, current support systems, & available resources.

Faithful Counseling is designed as a solution for people seeking traditional mental health counseling who would prefer hearing from the perspective of a Christian. If you are seeking a mental health professional who is a practicing Christian, Faithful Counseling may be a great option for you.

At Oasis Mental Health, we understand how difficult and sometimes anxiety provoking that first step is, and as a result we will always treat you with the utmost respect, courtesy and integrity. More often than not, our clients leave with a sense of hope, comfort, safety, and even exhilaration after the very first session:

Our team is a group of committed Christian professionals with specialized training in clinical psychology and counseling, treating the whole person: mind, body, soul, and spirit, utilizing tools techniques, and life skills from the mental health profession within the context of biblical truths.

Encompass operates through Christian Children’s Home of Ohio (CCHO) and provides Christ-centered outpatient counseling and home-based counseling. Encompass offers comprehensive services that are designed to wrap families in a blanket of hope and support. When direction is needed, as it sometimes is in the journey of life, Encompass professionals can be counted on to provide guidance.

National Christian Counsellors Association 

A Multitude of Counsellors

Abide Counselling 

Help/Prayer Lines:

Crossroads 24/7 Prayer Line

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention Support.

Suicide Helpline: 1-800 – SUICIDE

National Suicide Hotline: 1-888-248-2587

Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-827-7571

Crisis TextLine

CentegraHealth System Crisis Services 24-hour Crisis Intervention Line. 

Mental Health Helpline: 1-866-531-2600


Stop it Now! – 1-888-PREVENT
National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD (422-4453)
The National Domestic Violence Hotline – 1-800-799-7233

The Hope of Survivors

The Bucket Brigade

Domestic Abuse and


The Recovery Village

Drug Rehab Connections

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