While most of our articles are assigned, we do accept unsolicited submissions (written, videos and audio) for the following columns (below). Please query first, before sending us your submission.


We all need a bit of encouragement every now and then. Inspire delivers a short but weighty message in a simple way. This short nugget of inspiration can draw from any simple Biblical passage or concept. Can be featured in a video no longer than three minutes or be written. Submissions for this column (less than 500 words) will not receive a stipend.


Through this column, we give insight into on a current social issue by profiling people from a ministry or non-profit organization currently working to combat it.

Profiles should be able to draw the reader in, through telling details. What makes this issue so important? What drives the person featured to commit to this work? How do they go about challenging it in their day-to-day lives?  And how does their faith play a role in the work that they do? At the end of the day, we want the reader to be able to catch wind of the same trailblazing spirit that propels this person forward. We want to truly feel a connection with the featured person.

Profiles are not just a list of facts but rather are meant to tell a real, yet heartfelt story. It doesn’t paint the person to be a hero either, but rather a human that faces daily challenges but has determined not to be deterred by the odds.

The kind of people we look to profile are faith-based leaders, activists, missionaries and humanitarians that have dedicated their lives to some greater cause either in the community or worldwide.

If you would like to suggest a potential candidate for this column, please let us know. For an example of what we are looking for, please see our “Interviews” section.

Word Count: 600-900 words

Matters of Faith

This feature builds on a grand Biblical concept and expands on it, using the power of storytelling.

This section will also feature articles that will challenge some myths of our time that often misrepresent God. Questions we may ask include: Why does God allow suffering? Do the wicked really burn forever? Where do our loved ones go when they die? What will the final judgement look like? Will there be a rapture? 

This column is not meant to be controversial, but will not shy away from asking real questions in the hopes that we can dig deeper into the heart of the issue. We hope that the articles featured will boost our faith and be a source of encouragement, by revealing the true character of God; one that is loving, righteous and just. This feature will use Scripture as its basis, but can also include insights from other reputable sources.

While we do not expect all of our writers to subscribe to our same views on faith, we do reserve the right to reject any article that we feel does not line up with Scripture.

Word Count: 1000 -1200 words


We especially love to feature life-changing stories and this will be the section to do so.

We have no set criteria for this, as we accept testimonies from people from different walks of life. However, as the main theme of our blog is Faith & Justice, we especially encourage stories about overseas mission experiences, or about those that have been engaged in local community work endeavours.

Please provide hi-res quality photos to accompany your stories.

Video submissions are highly encouraged for this column.

Word Count: 900 – 1000 words


We all have our views on current issues and this column provides the space to do so. Every month, we will tackle a current societal issue, especially in the light of our faith.

We mostly assign writers for this column, but would still greatly appreciate your submissions.

This column must include the author’s real name at the end of the article. Links to social media profiles can be included as well.

Please note, opinions expressed are that of the writers and may not necessarily reflect the views of Speak The Words Communications.

Word Count: 600-900 words

How To Submit Your Article

We accept submissions from anywhere in the world, for any of the above columns, although only assigned articles that have been accepted for publication will receive a small stipend and token of appreciation. Articles that are submitted on behalf of an non-profit organization will not receive a stipend. International authors must have a Paypal account in order to receive compensation.

Thank you in advance for your submission, but please be patient with us as we have a very small editorial team. We prefer to publish in alignment with the going theme for the month, so at times, this may mean a bit of a wait when it comes to scheduling it in our editorial calendar. (this can range from 6 weeks to two months.)

We reserve the right to edit article submissions. If we have to re-edit (specifically due to language barriers or to meet a current need), we will run this by you ahead of time, as this could further delay the publishing date. At the time in which we inform you of this, you are more than welcome to withdraw your article and submit it elsewhere. We will completely understand. Should you decide to continue with us, we will make sure to provide regular updates concerning its status.

While we most definitely prioritize original submissions, we also accept articles that have been published on smaller ministry and nonprofit organization platforms. Please send the link to your article for us to review.

After we respond to your query (give us 1-2 weeks to respond), you may then submit your article through our contact form, or by emailing submissions@speakthewords.com.


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