The Courage of the Heart

I spend most of my mornings in the coffee shop not far from home. This Wednesday morning was no different. As I sat sipping my tea, I noticed an older gentleman pass by. He was using a cane to get around.  For some reason, he caught my attention and I continued to watch him from my booth in the back.

The more I observed him, the more I realized that there was something different about his eyes. I peered closer, and at that moment, I realized that he was blind. This pricked my heart, especially as I saw him make his way around the shop asking for change. I wanted to offer him something, but I had so little. How could I help? I am a single mother, working a mere three hours a day. Then a voice inside my head arrested my thoughts: “It’s not about how much you give. It’s about your heart.” I looked inside my wallet, and saw four dollars. When he came to my side, I placed it in his hands. With my small gesture, I seemed to have caught him by surprise.  He smiled faintly as he walked away…


Tears sprang to my eyes as I shared this story with my eldest daughter the morning after. Since losing my job three years ago, in February 2013, life has never been the same.

I had been working at this Christian organization for over twenty-something years, when I was let go. I had mixed feelings at the time, not knowing what to expect for the days and months to come. Still, I had been fortunate enough to receive a stable severance package which I thought would see me through for a good while. It had appeared to be a good amount of money.

But before I knew it, the money was running out, and I had a truckload of bills to take care of. Six months later: I had next to nothing in my account, and still no job. Yet, I should have known that God would be faithful.  

Due to the networking marketing business I was involved in, I was able to receive a bit of money to take care of a few basic needs. Plus, the Lord would literally send me cheques out of nowhere, at the times that I needed it most. Surely, the words spoken by the psalmist David, hold great weight for me: “I have been young and now I am old; yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” (Psalm 37:25)


Despite everything, there was never a day that I went without food. If it hadn’t been for the Lord’s infinite grace and mercy, I don’t know where I would be today.

Over the past eight months, it has truly been the Lord’s hand that has sustained me. I have moved every year for the past five years, and came close to eviction several times. But the Lord always moved me to where I needed to be, just in the nick of time.

Currently, I work part-time (afternoons) as the assistant director for a childcare company, and I am trusting the Lord to continue to provide for me, as He has been doing. It has taken a lot of faith for me to believe in Him, despite the difficulties I have faced.

Yet I know that the Lord has greater plans beyond what I can see. I believe He does for you too. Even in moments when I have had very little, I have always made the effort to give to those in need, because I trust that the Lord will restore double-fold what I have lost. Yes, I have learned many hard lessons and I have my challenges to bear, but I am waiting on the Lord to intervene on my behalf, and I know He will.

“Wait on the Lord. Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart. Wait I say on the Lord. “ (Proverbs 27:14)


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Marva Yeboah
Marva Yeboah

Marva Yeboah is the senior director for MWR Life. ( In her spare time, she enjoys engaging in her business endeavours, as well as spending quality time with her two daughters. She has a special place in her heart in ministering to special needs and elderly persons. One day, she hopes to fulfill her lifelong vision of opening up a home to assist youth with disabilities.

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